Marijuana Butter

Marijuana Butter

Marijuana Butter Overview

There is no point in me telling you a bunch of different recipes that you can make that utilize marijuana as an ingredient, with the intent to get you high, the reason is that most of the recipes you will find require you to make a weed butter first.  So I will just go over how to make the butter with marijuana, weed, or cannabis.

How do you make Marijuana Butter?

Materials Needed to make Marijuana Butter:
  • Weed
  • Butter (Real)
  • Grinder (For weed)
  • Cheesecloth
  • A Pot
  • Cooking Spoon
  • Bowl (For final product)
Note:  The amount of weed to butter depends on how strong you want, or can afford, to make it.  It also varies with what part of the plant you use, some people use the leaves from there harvest, others only use the actual buds, or flowers, themselves.  I will go over the method I am most familiar with first, using whole buds.
I use a ratio of 1/4 oz bud to 1 stick of butter.  For this recipe I will make a small batch using a half oz of weed, and two sticks of butter.  If you use a higher weed to butter ratio, then it will make the final product more potent.

Steps to make Marijuana Butter:

  1. This is very important, if you are using marijuana that has sticks, stems, and seeds in it, remove all of the “debris.” Leaving only the leaves or flowers/buds, which ever you have chosen to use.
  2. Grind all the marijuana until it is a consistant size of grain.
  3. Melt 2 sticks of butter in the pot, take your time, make sure it doesn’t burn.
  4. Once butter has completed melting, add all the ground up weed to the butter.  Stir it in thoroughly.
  5. Simmer mix covered for about 30 min, stirring every 5 min.  Be sure not to burn.
  6. Mixture should have a green color to it.  Remove from heat.
  7. While that cools for a few min, get your bowl, lay the cheese cloth on the bowl so that the entire inside of the bowl is covered by the cheesecloth.
  8. Pour mixture into the bowl, using the cheesecloth to strain the mixture.  Using the cheesecloth, squeeze the mixture as tight as you can to force it through the cheesecloth.  Put the mix in the center of the cheesecloth, ball the cheesecloth around the mix, and twist the remaining cheesecloth like a towel you were wringging out.  Do this until you get all of the liquid possible out of that mix and the cheesecloth.
  9. Once, you have squeezed all the weed butter from the cheesecloth, refridgerate the butter.  Discard the remaining mix.

How do you use Marijuana Butter?

Using butter that contains marijuana, weed, or cannabis is very easy, you simply use it in place of normal butter in your favorite recipe.  If you have never consumed edible marijuana products, I would recommend experimenting with dose size by making a couple different batches of the butter using different ratios to determine which will be an effective dose for you.

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