Marijuana Tincture

Marijuana Tincture

What is Marijuana Tincture?

Some of you newer smokers out there probably haven’t heard of Marijuana Tincture, the same may go for the veteran smokers.  I know it was almost 5 years from the first time I had smoked until I came across a Marijuana Tincture.  A tincture, by pharmacological definition, is “a solution of alcohol or of alcohol and water, containing animal, vegetable, or chemical drugs.”  The idea behind using a tincture is to consume marijuana, rather than by smoking or eating it, so you get the pros of the other two methods of consumption with out the cons of the other two methods.

Why use a Marijuana Tincture?

Here is a brief table to show the pros and cons:
Pros Cons
Smoke Fast Acting Carcinogenic
Small amount very effective. People can smell it on you.
Edibles You don’t breath smoke. Costly to make.
Lasts long. Slow to take effect.
Undetectable (smell) Time consuming preparations.
Tincture You don’t breath smoke. Costly to make.
Fast Acting Time consuming preparations.
Undetectable (smell)
If money is no object, or you grow enough weed to where it won’t matter if you sacrifice a couple of ounces, then I would say knock your self out with the tincture and edibles, but if money is tight then smoke it.  Your money will go significantly farther when you smoke your marijuana.  The reason is because of the method at which it is introduced to the body, if you orally ingest, you have to wait for it to go through your system (stomach, intestines, liver, etc.) and it takes more weed to get you high when ingested because of the bodies ability to filter what you consume.  When you smoke, all the psychoactive chemicals are released directly into the bloodstream via the vessels in the lungs, which in turn flood the rest of your body with the compounds.  Your blood circulates throughout your body in from 10-25 seconds, that is why you feel the effects of smoking so quickly after you smoke.  Tincture works with this same principal, you spray the marijuana tincture under your tongue, then it is absorbed into the bloodstream by the veins under your tongue rendering it effective more quickly.  Per dollar spent though, smoking is the best, assuming your goal is to get as high as you can, for as long as you can.

Materials Needed to Make Marijuana Tincture:

  • Marijuana, cannabis, or weed
  • Vodka (I prefer GreyGoose) You can use flavored vodka if you wanted to as well, such as raspberry.
  • CheeseCloth (Fine threadcount)
  • 2 Glass Jars w/lid
As far as the ratio, 1 part prepared weed, 2 parts alchohol.  They way I measure the marijuana is in a standard measuring cup, taking the measurement after tapping on the counter and leveling.

Marijuana Tincture Preparation Steps

  1. You need to prepare your weed.  To prepare the weed, simply use a grinder.  Remove any sticks or seeds your marijuana may have.
  2. Put your prepared weed in a jar, follow with the proper ratio of alcohol for your weed amount.
  3. Get as much of the air out of the jar as possible before you seal it. Then seal it.
  4. Store the jar in a cool, clean, dry, dark place.
  5. Shake jar vigorously, daily, for a few min.
  6. Repeat the cycle of storage and shaking for 2 weeks.
  7. Now that the 2 weeks has passed, take out your tincture, lets finish this up.  Open up your tincture jar and the other jar you have.  Now pour the contents, through the cheesecloth, from the tincture jar into the new jar.
  8. Put the plant material in the middle of the cheesecloth and wring out the rest of the mixture from the cheesecloth/plant matter.
  9. Store in cool, clean, dry, dark place.
If you follow the method and ratios above, you will produce a strong tinture.  Start with a low dose when you first try it, it may take a very little amount to be felt.

How do you make a Marijuana Tincture Concentrate?

For those of you that want to make a super strong concentrate, simply repeat the process, but replace the alcohol from the original recipe with the end product of said recipe.  Another way to concentrate the tincture is to leave the tincture jar open to allow some of the alcohol to evaporate.  If you do this, keep it in a cool, clean, dry, dark place.  It may take as long as a week to allow the alcohol to evaporate, but you are left with a concentrated tincture.

How do you use Marijuana Tincture?

It is very easy to use, you simply use a dropper to place some under your tongue, this may burn a little due to the alcohol base.  This allows the active compounds to be absorbed directly into your blood stream rather than pass through your digestive system and be filtered.  What that means for you is a quicker onset of the effects when compared to edibles.  Smoking is still the quickest way to feel the effects of marijuana, weed, or cannabis.
Note:     Do NOT store tinctures in a plastic bottles, some plastics can react with the alcohol and cause issues.
FYI: Light destroys the phsycoactive compounds found in marijuana. This means put your tincture, or weed, in a dark glass storage container to prolong the life of its efficacy. (effectiveness)

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