Sneak-A-Toke: Theory, Pros, and Cons

Sneak-A-Toke: Theory, Pros, and Cons

What is a Sneak-A-Toke?

A Sneak-A-Toke is a small portable device that is usually disguised as an every day item such as a cigarette or a car’s cigarette lighter.   They generally hold a small amount of marijuana.

Why use a Sneak-A-Toke?

The theory behind a sneak-a-toke is simple, its in the name, you are able to smoke with less probability of detection.   There are a bunch of little devices that fit in this category, for me, my sneak-a-toke is a fake cigarette made of glass, with a hole bored through the center, and a tiny bowl on one end.  They make these in metal too.  I have included photos of metal and glass versions of my choice of sneak-a-toke.

Marijuana Sneak-A-Toke Pros

  • Portable
  • Effective Dose Control
  • Cheap
  • Inconspicuous

Marijuana Sneak-A-Toke Cons

  • Only small amounts of marijuana can be packed
  • Unfiltered


I do like the idea behind this

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I haven’t found one that looks

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distinguished as a non-OEM

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