Marijuana Aeroponics Overview

Marijuana Aeroponics Overview

What is Marijuana Aeroponics?

Originally developed by NASA as a means to potentially grow plants in space, Aeroponics is the latest technology to come on to the marijuana growing scene.  Aeroponics uses a nutrient rich mist or fog to feed the plants.  Usually, the roots a left hanging bare and are misted every 30 min or so for a duration of around 15 min.  The advantage to growing any plant like this is that you no longer have to mess with a grow medium, in addition, this configuration for growing allows for the highest levels of oxygen available to the roots. (Which means bigger yields)

Aeroponic technology has slowly been gaining popularity among avid growers of marijuana, cannabis, or weed.  There are many different configurations that you can find, but aeroponics is split into two types of systems, supplemental and pure.  The following information will explain the theory behind each system type and the advantages to each.  Aeroponics are primarily used for indoor applications.

What is Pure Aeroponics?

Pure aeroponics refers to the sole use of an aeroponic configuration for growing, in contrast, one might use an aeroponic system in addition to a hydroponic system.

Why use Aeroponics?

Aeroponics is a technology that has emerged in recent years, primarily pioneered by NASA as a means to grow plants in space.  The theory behind this growing technique is that you can grow a given plant without grow media, with less water, with the highest oxygen availability, while directly controlling the nutrient the plant receives.  So to simplify, like hydroponics with out the grow media and more oxygen available to the roots.  The advantage to this would be that you don’t have to adjust your pH levels to compensate for the pH of the grow media and the higher oxygen availability will enable your plants to better utilize the nutrients its fed, thus growing bigger.
The set up is similar to some hydroponic systems, mainly NFT systems since they are generally closed systems to avoid contamination.  The difference being instead of water running through the columns there are misters installed throughout the column that mist every 30 minutes or so.  This ensures that the plants always have access to nutrients, but in between the misting times the roots are allowed to fully drain allowing the highest oxygen levels.
Aeroponic System

What is a Supplemental Aeroponic System?

A supplemental aeroponic system would be an aeroponic configuration when used in conjunction with another method of growing such as a hydroponic setup.

Why use a Supplemental Aeroponic System?

There are several reasons that you could use a supplemental aeroponic system, but the most obvious one would have to me to produce a higher yielding plant.  Aeroponics bring something to the table that no other grow technique can match as far as oxygen availability, or depending what kind of supplemental system you use, they can offer a supercharged effect when you have a Co2 enriched system.

What kind of Aeroponic Systems are available?

There are two different supplemental types of aeroponic systems, the first is the same as the pure aeroponic method, just used in conjunction hydroponics.  The second is a method of using Co2 to enrich the air surrounding your plants.

What is Co2 Enriched Growing?

Co2 Enriched growing utilizes a compressed tank of Co2 which is set to flow Co2 gas over the area in which your marijuana plants are growing.  As you may or may not know, Co2 is one of the key components in the plants photosynthetic process, so increasing the ambient concentration of this gas will help the plants to grow bigger, faster, and denser.

Why use Co2 Enriched Growing?

The theory behind this method is pretty simple, since plants convert Co2 into food/energy for growth, surround the plant with more Co2 to help it grow faster/bigger.  This type of supplemental system is simple to setup, but can be a little on the costly side to start since you have to buy a gas pressure regulator and a Co2 tank.  You can get a 20lb tank for around $120 and a regulator for about $150.  The other materials can be picked up at Home Depot fairly cheap.  Check our Co2 Enriched Growing section for details on the system…
Aeroponics is a proven method of growing marijuana that can produce amazing results, the only downfall is that they are more difficult to build and require a more conscientious grower.  Don’t let that deter you from attempting this method, practice makes perfect.
How to Build an Aeroponic system.

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